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Dn-Lahmar Galaxy7
Dn-Lahmar Galaxy7

Galaxy7, the band led by Daisuke Tsutsui,

which has performed many overseas tours

and events and won the Best Dance Song

at the AVIMA MUSIC AWARD in 2010, will take on a new band name, Dn-Lahmar Galaxy7.

After a hiatus of several years, Galaxy7 will make a fresh start and release a long-awaited new digital album,

the first one in 8 years since the last one.

The title of this third album is Dn-Lahmar

Galaxy7, which is also the band's name.

Thirteen tracks in all, every single one of them top notch, and it's a worthy relaunch of the Galaxy 7's transformation to date.


No evil thoughts. This is the work that exposes daisuke tsutsui’s straightforward emotions and feelings without being bizarre.

They fill your brain with light and space.

New Single "so deep"

Out now

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